In 1980s, the grapefruit diet became very popular, and large round citrus fruits were a common sight on the breakfast table.

And while grapefruit actually helps burn fat, the oil extracted from it does much more for the body, mind and spirit. The pure bright scent can help improve memory and elevate mood. It sharpens all the senses, helps the mind to tone up. It can be used before or after training to relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness. It is enough to dissolve 2-3 drops of grapefruit oil in base oil and apply on the affected areas.

Many of the therapeutic properties that other citrus fruits have are also found in grapefruit peel. Producers obtain grapefruit oil by cold pressing from the Citrus paradisi plant. The oil is located very deep in the peel, so a large amount of fruit is needed to get a decent amount of oil. This process extracts all the key ingredients that give many useful properties to grapefruit oil. Some of these key ingredients include lemon, alpha-pinene, sabine, myrcene, geraniol, linalool, cotronellol, decyl acetate, neryl acetate and terpineol.

What are the benefits and uses of grapefruit oil?

Supports the immune system
Grapefruit oil provides more than just a charming aroma, it also keeps the immune system healthy. Grapefruit has antimicrobial and antiviral properties, making it the perfect oil for diffusion during the cold and flu season.

It has a positive effect on the digestive system

It supports the whole digestive process and takes care of the organs associated with it – liver, kidneys, bladder and of course the stomach. Promotes urination, which detoxifies the body and prevents kidney infection. Reduces bloating and heaviness in the stomach. You can apply grapefruit oil mixed with jojoba oil or coconut oil on the area around the abdomen.

Against stress

Grapefruit oil



Because grapefruit oil can inspire the well-being of your body, mind and spirit, it works wonders to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress. It can be used for depressive states. It has a positive effect on the root chakra. It creates favorable conditions for finding harmony with the higher self and for spiritual growth.

To relieve excess stress, use a diffuser with 2-3 drops of citrus oil or drip on a tissue and inhale the aroma of grapefruit oil for a few minutes.

For cleaning the home

Who wants harmful chemicals around when you can have a neutral cleaner. Add a little oil to each cleaning spray, its antimicrobial properties will help disinfect your home, office, towels and sheets. If you use a few drops of grapefruit oil on wooden surfaces, you will destroy all bacteria and germs.

You can also prepare a homemade spray with 5-6 drops of citrus oil diluted in a liter of water. Mix well and spray to disinfect the home.

To freshen up your home, office or other room, pour 2-3 drops into a diffuser and enjoy the invigorating aroma. It can also be used to drive away unpleasant odors at home. A particularly good result is obtained if you mix it with other citrus fruits – orange oil or lemon oil, for example.

Hair and skin care


Mix grapefruit oil with your body lotion and hair shampoo and this will enhance their effect. Promotes fast hair growth. If you are painting it, apply grapefruit oil to protect it from intense sunlight.

The oil helps to balance oily hair and skin. Fights acne skillfully – just apply 2-3 drops on a swab to clean the face and affected areas. If you have very sensitive skin, dilute with base oil.

A powerful remedy against cellulite, as it helps to expel excess water retained in the body. Therefore, it can also be used as a natural detoxifying agent. To do this, use 3-4 drops in the bath or do a complete body massage with 2-3 drops of grapefruit oil dissolved in 20-30 ml of base oil.

Helps with addiction

Grapefruit oil helps to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction. Significantly supports the recovery process.

A good helper for losing weight

Both grapefruit and its oil are great helpers in the fight against weight loss. It speeds up the metabolism and dulls the feeling of hunger. If you mix it with patchouli oil, you will significantly reduce your appetite. In addition to the general one, this butter will help you stop thinking about cakes and pastries.

You can freshen up your home by smelling the oil, or apply a little on your wrists and chest. Rubbing 2-3 drops with your hands and inhaling the aroma will significantly reduce your appetite. You can do this 5 to 20 minutes before eating to reduce your portion size yourself.

Which oils mix best?

Grapefruit oil goes best with bergamot oil, jasmine oil, lemon oil, orange oil, rose oil and sandalwood oil.

Application of grapefruit oil

It can be used for inhalations for fatigue, stress, headaches, hangovers and to maintain overall tone.

A bath with a few drops of oil can help you recover from fatigue, tiredness, mental exhaustion. Improves mood. It has a positive effect, applied as a massage oil against cellulite, as well as in the fight against excess weight.

If you are about to have an important event, but you have not planned your menstrual cycle, make a solution of 2-3 grapefruit oil and 20-30 base oil. Apply to the lower abdomen to delay the arrival of the cycle.

Grapefruit essential oil is used in cooking. It could be used as a fresh addition to cocktails, dishes, shakes, water, soda. This will once again improve digestion, suppress appetite and make you feel much better after eating.

Grapefruit oil is photosensitive, which means that applying it to the skin increases the risk of burns when exposed to UV rays.
As this increased risk persists for 12-18 hours after administration, it is good to use it at night. If you use it topically, you should always dilute it with base oil.
Attention! Do not use by pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and people with allergies or intolerance to grapefruit!
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